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Redbeard from Rounded Labs is a massive library of Native iOS components and helpers that will drastically reduce time to market for your App.

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A beautiful Github client

Smart & Powerful

The ability to View Source code, Merge Pull Requests, Fork Repo's and much more all from within the app.

Activity Streams

See everything going on within your repo's and repo's you've starred.

Beautiful Design that's functional

I'm sure you'll agree this is the most beautiful Github client out there.

Our Highlights

We've worked on some awesome projects for some brilliant clients

One of the first UK companies to deliver an end to end M-Commerce app to the App store.
Truly Mobile
Our expertise covers iOS, Android, Mobi Web, Windows Phone and a whole lot more
Easy to work with
We love the work we do. It's as simple as that.
Mobile Banking
We've helped create a mobile banking suite where we architected the complete solution
Systems not just apps.
Most of what we build is more than just an app. It's entire platforms to allow our clients to manage their app content, run promotions or seamlessly switch on notifications and a whole lot more.
Whether you need proximity sensor capability, Barcode scanning or any other crazy sounding acronym, we've got it covered.
Developed for scale
We're no strangers when it comes to creating platforms to deal with millions of daily visitors.
Android Widgets
Our toggle widgets for Android proved to be a pretty good hit with over 1 million downloads to date.

Working in partnership

We've worked with everyone, from the mega Plc's to the pre-seed startups

If you'd like to discuss a project idea or you're interested in some of the work we've done then please get in touch. We'd be happy to help.