A completely new kind of newsreader.

Coming soon to Windows & macOS

Full fat feeds

Full text content

Complete RSS article contents extracted.

Formatted for reading

No clutter and definitely no ads.

Offline support

Content pre-fetched and available offline as standard.

Create beautifully typeset ebooks from your feeds with a single click

Beautifully typeset

Pixel perfect ebooks professionally typeset for your reading pleasure.

Stunning covers

Over a dozen specifically choosen cover designs.

Multiple formats

Kindle, ePub and iBook formats supported.

Direct to device

Setup your ebook folder and send books directly to your device.

Intelligent options to help fix poor quality feeds

RSS feeds can sometimes be quirky. We've got you covered with the options you'll need.

Extract content by following URL's within RSS feeds

Often times RSS feeds may not contain content or the content is HTML that ultimately links to a URL containing the content. Paperback can help. Use one of the Follow URL options. Particularly useful for sites such as Hacker News and Reddit.

Extract summary directly from articles content

Often the RSS summary for an article can be too short or of poor quality. Use the Extract Summary setting to resolve this issue.

Exclude articles from feed domain

Useful option when used on sites such as Reddit or forums. This helps obtain only those articles that are actually likely to be relevant.

Optional allow images

Don't need or want images. Flick a switch and watch them disappear.

Retention & maximum articles

Control both the maximum number of articles to fetch as well as the number of days to keep articles.


A useful way of grouping together similarly related feeds. A side benefit, you can easily create ebooks by tag.

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